Harald Pignatelli mit Headset


Since 1997, Harald Pignatelli (pronounced peen-ya-telli) has wowed both critics and fans alike with his work on German national television. Over the last 10 years he has steadily built an impressive career by hosting a variety of television shows ranging from entertainment to infotainment. Both critics and fans like the open-minded and caring way he speaks with his guests. He makes his guests feel comfortable from the moment they meet him, and they  connect with his first-class education and love for the good things in life. His guests have included an impressive list of German directors and celebrities.

Since he was a child, Harald knew the magic of a smile. He has used his Italian charm when acting as the host for special gala events and for two charitable organizations. Harald’s talent and natural instinct is leading him to new directions and audiences. His coworkers like and can rely on his professionalism and humor every moment. This is what makes him a great performer. Harald is also a natural problem-solver. If a problem pops up, he does not ask why, but finds a way to solve it.. Harald talks as naturally to people in the Brandenburg countryside as with the glitterati in Berlin. Harald understands all walks of life. He has also hosted galas and events at conferences for major industries.

During his leisure time, he drives down for the Cannes Film Festival in May, finds a rustic alpine winter retreat to visit in December and for the remainder of his time off -- travels the world to places like Canada and Australia. For relaxation and to re-energize, he visits family in Florence, Italy or shows up at his best friend’s house in Palma, Mallorca. Here he thinks about the next magic moment in his life.